How might Lululemon help their customers become a better them, beyond their clothing?


Visual Communication – all graphics

Trend Research & Forecasting (shared)

Market Research (shared)




Our objective was to pitch how brands can leverage emerging trends to add value to their customers and extend their business. We chose to explore the space of 'Meaningful Consumption'.

Presence is an app concept that offers the Lululemon community a path to self-actualization by leading you to experience more. 

Our team set off to understand the theme of 'Meaningful Consumption' and identify trends in this behaviour. We blended two of the trends to create Health-Aid. 

Our objective was to conceptualize an opportunity for a brand by harnessing the Health-Aid trend. Who better than the innovative athletic apparel brand whose vision is to help their community live a wholesome lifestyle: Lululemon Athletica.

We conducted in-depth research on Lululemon's business direction, values and userbase. After several long nights, lots of research on lateral spaces and putting together several maps we developed Presence.

This project was created in collaboration with Clara Wu and Domenic Violante

Special thanks to Alexander Manu.

 Disclaimer: This project was designed purely for academic purposes and therefore, ay not reflect the views or plans of Lululemon Athletica. 

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