How might we leverage the experiential value of social cooking as a method for managing your anxiety and encouraging a healthier way of life?


Discovering + Defining Opportunity 

Research: Market Research, Co-Creation, User Testing, Expert Interviews, Experiments

Ideation & Prototyping

Branding + Business Strategy


This project was completed as my undergraduate thesis for my Bachelors of Design at OCAD University. 


Anxiety disorders can cause persistent worrying, indifference to personal health, and self-seclusion. Current forms of treatment can be isolating, structured, and clinical. 


Routine interactions with food present a natural approach to therapy given their intrinsic qualities of self-care, learning and storytelling. 


‘Refresh’ is a set of cards that compliments a HelloFresh meal-kit, guiding a user and friends through empathetic conversation as they cook. Each card is based on real forms of therapy– bringing people together in the name of health and good food.

Note: Just finished exhibiting this project at OCAD University's Graduate Exhibition, process work and further details to be uploaded soon! 

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