Honeycomb is a modular space that invites people to participate in design thinking at Baycrest Hospital. It is the outcome of an exploration on how we can boost user insight at the CC-ABHI Innovation Team at Baycrest Hospital.   

Innovation is integral to the health sector. Yet being a slow moving industry that is hostile to failure, people are resistant to speak up. At their on-site studio, the Launchpad, the CC-ABHI Innovation Team is contemplating crucial factors of emotions, sanitation, aesthetic, comfort, and bureaucracy - factors that would otherwise remain unseen. However, the Innovation Team currently has difficulty gaining access to the valuable insight of subject matter experts. The reasons vary from large workflows, minimal time availability or mobility challenges. 

This project was completed in collaboration with Joseph Kim and Becky Zhang. Special thanks to Associate Professor & Program Chair, Angelika Seeschaaf Veres and Ana Matic from Baycrest CC-ABHI. 

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