How might we attract the public to an outdoor experience of light and sound (in the middle of winter)?


Form Development 

Experience Design and Signage (of Tent space)


Art & Science


City of Mississauga 


The Orpheum by Art & Science is an outdoor art installation and musical instrument where a simple touch triggers complex musical compositions and beautiful, animated waves across its 10-finger touchscreen.

Unleash your inner maestro! Just touch the screen to create a symphony of light and sound.

As you play, The Orpheum’s “pipes” fill with moving light, changing colour and intensity to match your performance. This is in addition to letting participants affect the surrounding environment with light and colour, being hooked up to the lights in the square and clock tower!

All photography by William Selviz

This project was completed in collaboration with Zoë Trommer, Andrew Walls, William Selviz and the Art & Science team.

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